June 27th | Anaheim, CA 


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Our Mission

Orange County LGBT Pride’s Mission is to Strengthen the Identity of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Community within Orange County. We Unite LGBTQ+ People, Empower Them to Live Openly with Pride and Promote Respect for All. Part of That is Celebrating Their Vibrant Culture, Traditions and Enduring Spirit. We Also Help Provide Opportunities to Foster Tolerance, Awareness, Safety and Support in the LGBTQ+ Community While Forging Alliances with the Orange County Public at Large.

OC Pride is a 501(c)(3) non-profit LGBTQ+ Pride Festival and parade. Committed to funding community projects, hosting events, raising awareness, and understanding in our incredible LGBTQ+ family.

Our Board Members

Robert Casas

Board President

“Pride is important to our community because it represents the equality that we are continuing to fight for. It is a celebration of support from individuals and companies around the world, so that we can continue our movement while giving hope and love to all of us!”

Brian Common

Board Treasurer

“I’ll never forget my first Pride, the energy in the air was like nothing I had ever felt, the day buzzed with happiness, acceptance and love. That day washed away the years of anxiety and guilt I had felt for being different. That day brought me so much joy. I had finally found a place where I could belong.”

Anna Barvir-Boone

Secretary/Vendors Liaison

“I am almost always met with amazement when I talk about OC Pride and shock that OC even has a Pride. I know their amazement is partly in jest, but it also reflects a truth about the community we call home. Orange County is indeed a place where it can be a struggle to be out and proud. But it is also a place with a vibrant and passionate LGBTQ+ community”

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