Parade Application

2019 Parade Application

This is an application to march in the 2019 parade at the Orange County LGBT Pride Festival on June 22, 2019. This application does not guarantee a spot in the parade but rather expresses your interest in participating in the parade. Orange County LGBT Pride must comply with venue space, sponsor exclusivity and state, county and city regulations. Orange County LGBT Pride reserves the right to deny applications based on these factors and to provide diversity to the patrons of the festival. If your application is denied, any payment made to Orange County LGBT Pride will be promptly returned upon denial. If your application is accepted, you will be held to additional terms detailed in the application.

Early Bird Pricing Available Until March 22, 2019
Regular Pricing Available From March 22, 2019 To May 31, 2019
Late Fees Applied After May 31, 2019
Applications Close June 15, 2019 @11:59pm PST

Contact Info:

Required Items Checklist:
✔ Application Completed and Signed
✔ Full Payment including All Applicable Fees made payable to Orange County LGBT Pride (After Being Accepted)

Click Here to Download a PDF Version of the 2019 Parade Application