Planning Committee

Open Planning Committee Opportunities 2017

  • As an individual you’ll represent OC Pride and uphold the values and mission statement of the organization.
  • Understand that the OC Pride is constantly evolving and we ask that emails/messages are responded to in a timely manner.
  • Attending formal board meetings are not required although we do request participation in regular board and committee meetings.
  • Support/attend fundraising events for the organization and at times represent OC Pride at other events not directly associated to OC Pride but as part of the community served by OC Pride may be requested, although, not mandatory.
  • Committee meetings are scheduled monthly on a pre-agreed upon day and time, participation is requested. Failure to attend or call prior to meeting may be taken as forfeiting your duties.
  • If Committee seats are not filled, some may be combined, or you may be asked to help outside of your seats.

Fund Development

Ad Sales Coordinator– Support the success of the annual pride guide.  Working closely with the Pride Guide coordinator raising funds and filling our annual guide.

Fundraising Coordinator – General/Events – One or two openings.  Supports regular fundraising creating events or partnering with other events to raise awareness.

Grant Writer – Write applications requesting and securing funds for OC Pride.

Sponsorship Coordinator – Connect with community businesses to acquire Sponsored Partners to support OC Pride.

Director of Operations

Food & Beverage Coordinator – Organize Food & Beverage Vendors for Festival and other sponsored events.

Vendor Coordinator – Organize Vendors for Festival and other sponsored events

Permit Coordinator – Acquire City Permits for Festival and other sponsored events

Insurance Coordinator – Acquire Insurance for Festival and other sponsored events

Safety/Medical Coordinator – Oversee general safety for Festival and other sponsored events

Security Coordinator – Oversee general safety for Festival and other sponsored events

Ticket Sales Coordinator – Monitor Ticket Sales leading up to and day of Festival and other sponsored events.  Also working with Treasurer

Director of Outreach

Community Outreach Coordinator – LGBT/College/High School/Chamber/Etc. – This may be one or additional openings.  Seek out community partnerships including non-profits, schools, etc.

Volunteer Coordinator – Compile a database of volunteers to call upon when having sponsored events.

Director of Festival Parades

Dance Choreographer – Coordinate dance & Music for all parades

Color Guard Lead – Coordinate Color Guard for all parades

OC Pride Parade Coordinator – Seek and acquire partnerships for current and future OC Pride parades

Parade Coordinator – Coordinate and oversee additional neighboring parades

Parade Decoration Coordinator – Provide décor for both OC Pride and other pride parades

Transportation Coordinator – Acquire truck and car rental for parades

Director of Marketing

Social Media Coordinator – Facebook/Instagram/Twitter – This may be split between a few people.  Posting regularly to the social media outlet.  Focus is on LGBT community, celebrations, news.

Website Coordinator – Oversee and maintain the website.  Updating events regularly.

Email/Archives Coordinator – Maintain Email host relationship and digital archives

Print Coordinator – Work closely with graphic designer to create and deliver printed materials

Graphic Designer– Create themes and designs for Festival and other sponsored events. Create flyers and other promotional advertisements.

Pride Guide Coordinator – Create annual Pride guide

Merchandise Coordinator – Develop OC Pride merchandise for re-sale and event swag

Photographer – Coordinate bi-annual Board and Committee photos for Web/PR.  Coordinate photo opportunities for day of OC Pride Festival and Parade & other sponsored events.

Public Relations – Create regular press releases, coordinate news/newspaper/magazine coverage for festival and other events.

Director of Programming

Talent Coordinator – Arranges and handles the day-of festival talent hospitality such as dressing rooms, talent rider requests, hotel accommodations, transportation and parking, and talent guest lists. Handles the gathering and organizing of all required entertainment/talent items such as, but not limited to: talent riders, set lists with lyrics for ASL, guest list names, day of contact, and copy of all songs and materials for the festival.

VIP Coordinator – Arranges and handles the planning and execution of the Main Stage Entertainment VIP Meet and Greets for the Festival. Acquires and handles the Sponsored VIP Gift Bags. Invites and handles OC Pride’s honorary VIP events and festival guests.

Dance Stage Coordinator – Arranges and handles the planning and execution of Festival’s Dance Stages (Dance Stages from the 2016 Season: Main Stage, VIP SkyBox Lounge, AMP Radio Top 40, The Underground, Country Western Hoe Down, “Glow Your Pride” Ladies Dance, and Garden Stage). Research and acquire new Sponsorships to bring in the highly requested Latin and HipHop Dance Stages. Handles the day-of festival logistics regarding all of the dance stages.

Kids Zone Coordinator – Arranges and handles the planning and execution of the Kids Zone aspect of Orange County LGBT Pride. Would love to expand on this area this year and really make it stand out by pushing the advertising and bringing in crowd drawing attractions.

Pride Speaks Coordinator – Arranges and handles the planning and execution of the Festival’s Pride Speaks aspect. It wasn’t at our 2016 Season, but has been in the past under the original name of – Rainbow Symposium. Would love to revamp it up with speakers/lecturers, artists, and maybe even an LGBT fashion show. This would also be where we would showcase the Pride Short Film Youth Festival.

Beer Garden Coordinator –Arranges and handles the planning and execution of the Festival’s Beer Garden. Acquiring the Sponsor (most likely Bud unless we can get a full sponsor from someone else) for the Beer supply and such. Handling all permits and licensing requirements for the Beer Gardens and handling and organizing the security measures of the Gardens.